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The Science

At J&C, data isn’t just the newest buzzword we bandy about to make us sound smart. We’ve been honing the art of extracting insights from data since our first day, long before it became the darling of the marketing world. Data can tell many stories, but the key to helping our clients succeed is our ability to identify the story that will connect with consumers. As data sources have grown and evolved, we've stayed ahead of the game by adopting new technologies that enable us to analyze data and build a deep understanding of consumer needs and motivations.


The Art

This knowledge is used to develop a strategic framework to accomplish our clients’ objectives. Our team then transforms the strategy into quite literally, an art form – compelling storytelling that inspires consumers to engage and act. The results of this fusion of science and art? A campaign that engages customers, delivers measurable business outcomes, and builds long-lasting relationships.


At J&C we are lifetime learners and teachers. This idea is rooted in the J&C culture by our CEO, Ron Jacobs.  He literally wrote the book on direct marketing, which is now the basis for modern marketing.

That is why the entire executive team at J&C is active in growing and educating both the current and next generation of professionals in all of our industry and experience verticals.

"This book would not be possible without the visionary leadership of Ron Jacobs, sponsor of the annual Jacobs & Clevenger Writers' Workshop. Thank you, Ron, for your decades of support to direct and interactive marketing education as a teacher, author and philanthropist." 

Excerpt of forward by - J. Steven Kelly and Susan K. Jones, Editors

Meet the Team

J&C is composed of a multitude of histories, expertise and personalities. From tried industry leaders to tireless upstarts, you’ll find a great compilation of talent in your relationship with us.



Ron Jacobs

Chief Executive officer

Ron is a recognized leader in applying database and direct response strategies to branded products using traditional and electronic direct marketing. He has spoken at seminars and events in the U.S. and around the world. Ron has guided our agency in planning effective integrated marketing campaigns using direct mail, print and web-based advertising. He also consults on strategic direction for new media and electronic commerce. Ron has taught the Direct Marketing Association's basic course in Email Marketing. He is co-author with the late Bob Stone of the Eighth Edition of Successful Direct Marketing Methods, the best-selling text and trade book (over 250,000 copies sold) on the tools and techniques of direct marketing.


More About Ron



penny clevenger

Chief financial officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Penny serves many important roles at our agency. She manages our agency finances and administrative operations. In addition, she acts as our Chief Information Officer, making all hardware, network and systems support decisions.


Chris Gallaher

Senior Account Director
Chris is the account lead at J&C. He is responsible for developing communications strategies, managing branding and direct marketing efforts, and leading his account team in their efforts to deliver consistent, measurable results for our clients. Chris has worked on a diverse portfolio of accounts in his career, so he understands the unique challenges clients can have and how best to respond.

John Kissane

Creative Director
John is a pivotal leader on the J&C team. He is involved in every aspect of our creative product. In addition to leading a cross-functional team of designers, writers, proofreaders and animators, he provides strategic and aesthetic oversight throughout the creative process. Over the years, John has worked on everything from websites, emails and banner ads to mobile apps, viral games, direct mail and collateral pieces. He has also won numerous awards for his clients, including ECHO, Tower and Tempo awards.

Brian Jones

Creative Director
If he’s not writing, editing or polishing copy, Brian is concepting new ideas, strategizing or presenting work to clients. In fact, Brian works on every J&C client, making sure the creative product is based on solid strategy, professionally crafted, on time and on budget. He’s just as active outside of the office. In the past, Brian has taught the CADM Creative Basics course, judged the Tempo Awards, been a panelist at DM Days and spoken at Loyola and DePaul universities.


Susan loves a good challenge. She also loves rolling up her sleeves and digging deep into research and data. That’s where she uncovers the customer insights that inform our strategic recommendations, the ones that increase customer engagement and drive business results. Susan has used her marketing expertise to help clients in healthcare, higher education, technology, sports, CPG and business services. 




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