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Data-driven communications that increase human interactions - helping companies meet their communications goals for over 30 years.



Marketing is getting back to its roots of starting intelligent conversations with people — and we’re excited that it’s finally catching up to us.


At Jacobs & Clevenger, the application of data and behavior is the foundation for successful marketing. We haven’t forgotten that human to human interactions are what marketing is all about. Data insights tell stories that inform everything that J&C does. But, data points are really people. And, people are a brands audience, prospects or customers with needs or pain points to be addressed. 

J&C has the expertise to shepherd customers through buyer journeys and customer lifecycles, delivering relevant outcomes to clients at every stage. J&C does this by crafting programs that help organizations to engage prospects; build meaningful, customized relationships; increase customer lifetime value and deliver revenue growth. The success of these solutions are supported by clear performance measures, well defined metrics and applicable key performance indicators.

But for a different perspective, ask our clients. They’ll tell you that J&C is their agency because our approach is decidedly more action-oriented and accountable. Our communications are aimed at engaging prospects and customers. And, creating inventive customer experiences.


Rooted in driving engagement and behavior. In our world, everything is measurable. And proof is always part of the process. That’s why we build a strategic and structured communications road map that leads directly to your goals, and we gauge progress at every stage of the journey.

Shaped by innovation. Evolution is part of our culture. It’s also the mind-set of your market. That means embracing new technologies, expanding your horizons and always asking, “What if?” Because true innovation can only happen when you have the curiosity to explore new ideas and the courage to discover better solutions.

Driven by response. Around here, it’s not about awards. Although we certainly have our share. And it’s not about being unexpected or unconventional. Our work is transaction-focused and all about response. That’s what grounds every communication and informs every decision. And in the end, that’s the only prize that matters.


It’s not easy being ahead of the trends without being trendy. That’s exactly what J&C has done for more than 30 years. J&C’s roots are in direct, database and digital marketing. J&C started as direct mail agency in 1982. The agency had data scientists before they were called that. And, J&C did its first web work in 1994, at the dawn of digital marketing.

Times have changed. And, so have J&C’s clients. Clients need more agile marketing programs, with quick turn-around times, more flexibility and marketing experiments to prove program viability. And, clients want to incorporate the voice of the customer into customer communications to make them more relevant, authentic and available in real time. So J&C has adapted our agency business model to accommodate a more collaborative and shareable communications world.

We provide inbound and content marketing programs as well as outbound programs.  Email marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, drip, trigger and nurturing programs. Mobile wallet, applications and SMS programs.  Web, responsive design, online display, retargeting and programmatic digital buying.

Our planning process uses big insights, micro-strategies and rapid iterations to get communications into market faster.  We use content analysis of words, phrases, paragraphs and social threads to learn what words motivates buyers, prompts influencers and drives action across channels. This enables us to deliver right message at the right time. To nurture and turn suspects into prospects and prospects into customers.


At J&C we are lifetime learners and teachers. This idea is rooted in the J&C culture by our CEO, Ron Jacobs.  He literally wrote the book on direct marketing, which is now the basis for modern marketing.

That is why the entire executive team at J&C is active in growing and educating both the current and next generation of professionals in all of our industry and experience verticals.

"This book would not be possible without the visionary leadership of Ron Jacobs, sponsor of the annual Jacobs & Clevenger Writers' Workshop. Thank you, Ron, for your decades of support to direct and interactive marketing education as a teacher, author and philanthropist." 

Excerpt of forward by - J. Steven Kelly and Susan K. Jones, Editors

Meet "the Team"

Legal advised us to use literary quotes.

J&C is composed of a multitude of histories, expertise and personalities. From tried industry leaders to tireless upstarts, you’ll find a great compilation of talent in your relationship with us.



Ron Jacobs

Chief Executive officer

Ron is a recognized leader in applying database and direct response strategies to branded products using traditional and electronic direct marketing. He has spoken at seminars and events in the U.S. and around the world. Ron has guided our agency in planning effective integrated marketing campaigns using direct mail, print and web-based advertising. He also consults on strategic direction for new media and electronic commerce. Ron has taught the Direct Marketing Association's basic course in Email Marketing. He is co-author with the late Bob Stone of the Eighth Edition of Successful Direct Marketing Methods, the best-selling text and trade book (over 250,000 copies sold) on the tools and techniques of direct marketing.


penny clevenger

Chief financial officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Penny serves many important roles at our agency. She manages our agency finances and administrative operations. In addition, she acts as our Chief Information Officer, making all hardware, network and systems support decisions.


Meg Goodman

Managing Director
Meg is the operational leader for Jacobs & Clevenger. Her goal is to build, inspire and nurture the agency and enable it to achieve new levels of growth in revenue and profit. Meg brings to J&C more than 30 years of marketing experience in industries that range from financial services, credit cards and insurance to retail, travel and entertainment, consumer packaged goods and higher education. Before joining J&C, Meg was senior vice president and director of client services at UMarketing. She has also held senior positions at Aspen Marketing, Townsend Agency, Draftfcb, DDB, Grey Direct, RAPP and Nykamp Consulting, and she previously founded her own consultancy, PCG.


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