Direct and digital

Direct and digital statement image We’re direct, digital and defined by response.
Direct and digital statement image

We’re direct, digital and defined by response.

At Jacobs & Clevenger we develop response-driven multichannel marketing campaigns.  Our programs leverage hard-working, response-oriented tactics to thread consumers and businesses through all phases of the decision cycle. Our expertise is dissecting behavior and insights to construct contact strategies that include tailored email, direct mail, retargeted banner ads, landing pages, personalized URLs (PURLs) and engagement devices that drive action.

In today’s complex marketing world, most people are acting based on more than one contact. Direct and digital marketing efforts need to be synergistically integrated to ensure they are delivering on expectations. Prospects and consumers are expecting relevance. Marketers need to ensure that they are fully leveraging every touch point to deliver meaningful, tailored communications that help get the recipient closer to action.

J&C’s expertise ensures every direct and digital communication touch point within a contact strategy delivers effectively.

J&C’s direct and digital work is constructed around proven best practices to drive and measure response. We use highly targeted email and direct mail to drive prospects to landing pages, PURLs or microsites. Then we track their interactions and measure every click-through.

Our process starts with an up-front program evaluation and recommendations designed to enhance the short- and long-term performance of any program. From the onset, we structure our thinking around each client’s specific program objectives. That means we carefully align the right tactics to reach every goal. The strategy provides an actionable framework for our conceptual development and creative execution. That allows J&C to bring the most effective message to market across all channels.

Direct Marketing Expertise

  • Component in multichannel campaigns
  • Stand-alone acquisition and customer marketing programs
  • Proven direct mail best practice techniques
  • Segmentation and messaging versioning
  • Personalized direct mail
  • List hygiene
  • Messaging platform research
  • Creative, format and messaging testing
  • ROI analysis

Email Marketing Expertise

  • Component in multichannel campaigns
  • One-time sends
  • Trigger email programs
  • Email design and programming
  • Cross-browser and multi-device QC
  • Creative and subject line testing
  • Email sender reputation management
  • Open rate and click-through tracking and measurement
  • Email list development
  • B2B lead nurturing
  • Email best practices
  • Mobile-optimized emails

Digital Marketing Expertise

J&C developed and produced more than 50 million direct mail pieces in 2012.

The multichannel digital direct marketing agency that provides measurable response